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About the Author

Hi, I’m Sadaf Tauqir.

I was raised in a tough conservative family in South Asian culture. There was a time when my upbringing and exposure made me prone to get irritated with people all the time.

These triggers were everywhere, from a loud TV to random messages from someone whose questions I found annoying.

When I heard that I was moving to Dubai, I was over the moon because I thought that living an independent, luxurious life in an amazing city away from the suffocating environment at home would make things better. Unfortunately, I quickly realised that the glitz and freedom of the new lifestyle still didn’t replace the negative influences of people around me. The big city had even bigger triggers and letdowns in store from people around and close to me.

Despite being very passionate about my career, my biggest challenge was dealing with an oppressive boss on top of everything else, who made my life absolutely miserable, often making me break down emotionally.

Searching for a solution, I reflected on how I could see beyond my irritations and stop being a “slave of my own perceptions.” That’s when I came across the immensely rich world of NLP, discovering both power and life-changing purpose in my newfound ability to manage challenges with an open mind and never let any interaction be a burden.

I trained in what I knew would be the key my success. I learned to stop depending on my pre-defined realities and deal with what life threw at me. I was not planning to find this part of life, but I’m glad I mastered it.

Today, I train others in how to develop these essentials skills so that they too can lead lives of productivity and clarity.

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A friendly, 30 mins online conversation in which we exchange views on soft skills understanding.


A bimonthly customized mentoring program for individuals who want to enhance relevant soft skills


Customized workshops covering relevant and targeted soft skills to achieve organizational goals.

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